My Sex Party Secrets

I would like to share with you some of my experiences of working for an adult entertainment company. I used to work as part of a workshop for a well-known company based in London called “killing kittens”, which hosts sex parties in many countries around the world, and the big cities here in the UK.


I was working in the capacity as an assistant masseur to a very well known sex and relationship mentor in London. At the killing kittens events, I was there mainly to guide and ease couples into the art of sensual massage. Although this was a paid workshop to begin with, by the end of the night I had done what few men may never experience in their lifetime.


As a 100% heterosexual guy back then, I was over the moon, I couldn’t believe my luck. I did a demonstration for the gentlemen in the workshop on how to bring their wives to ejaculation, also how to sensually massage them, which then I led to a demonstration for the wives on how to massage their man, in this very open and secure group of three couples. Sensually massaging them it was a very good satisfaction, on both sides, seeing the ladies faces while I was massaging they partners was completely priceless and vice versa.


It was a wonderful experience in my life, that was the beginnings of me becoming more open-minded, and I think that it was the perfect way for me to become open toward sex with men as I was women.


I had grown massively in self-confidence, and also my massage ability, so the owner, and now my sensual massage mentor, gave me more responsibility, always keeping a close eye on me, watching me please and train the clients in pleasure.


I was always booked at the party parties after the training sessions,  to carry out individual sensual massages, mainly on women but also some men too.


At one event, at the end of the night, we got a special request for me and a well known female sensual massage therapist to provide a private service to a couple, both at the same time, with us taking turns and swapping partner regularly. Wow. Now that was a magnificent experience that took place behind closed doors and it ended with a full-on orgy, the gentleman keen to watch me penetrate his wife, deep, I just went with the flow. It was such a great experience for us all, that no money was even exchanged, leaving it just for pleasure.


We also did numerous of four hand massages in the workshops. This was one of many great opportunities for my personal growth and experience in the field of massage work, especially with pleasing men, which helped me out to become as open as I am now. Which is very open guys:)


Right now, I feel that I’m fulfilling my life’s purpose. Living in the spectacular City of Manchester for over a year and a half and feeling the luckiest and proudest guy to be working and taking part for the best gay massage site in Manchester, which I really have to thank Kevin for giving me such a big opportunity to be part of his group of professional masseurs.

I do not discriminate I have male, female, bisexual and transgender clientele before, I am a great believer in nature and nurture and I’m also into naturism.


My next blog: my first sensual Male to Male massage as a heterosexual.

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