Other Cities

London, Birmingham & other
10 Monthly
  • First 30 days free
  • A good amount of bookings for the price.
  • Cancel any time


Masseurs & Escorts - effective advertising
25 Monthly
  • First 7 days free to test the water
  • High volume bookings for a low monthly advertising fee
  • Cancel any time


Are you visitng Manchester and want some bookings?
15 One off fee
  • Advertise up to 3 month in advance for a one off fee
  • Loads of bookings

Gay Massage Manchester is now open to any UK based male to male masseur or escort to advertise their profile. This site gets tonnes of traffic (built up from being Kevin’s personal site).

Don’t be too concerned that there are not many guys here yet, it’s because it has only just opened up to allow other masseurs and escorts to advertise.

The site get’s quality traffic from great spending clients looking for the best in male to male massage and escort services.

To sign up simply click the link above and complete the quick profile form. Once approved, your free trial will start.

It is currently £25 per month for Manchester based masseurs and escorts & £10 for all other cities. Once you sign up, your profile cost is fixed at that price. This means should we decide to increase the advertising cost in future, you will remain on the lower advertising cost rate – FOR LIFE!

If you are just visiting Manchester  the cost is £15 and you can advertise upto 3 months in advance.

No card details or payment is needed to start your free trial. Once your free trial is up, if you decide to continue advertising you can pay here.

This obviously depends on many factors, such as how desirable you are to the client base and what range of services you offer.

If you offer incall (not just outcall), and offer both massage and escort, you are likely to get several bookings per day.

Yes you can cancel and restart your advert as you please, simply don’t pay once your profile subscription is over and your advert will not be renewed.

Simply email for any word changes or whatsapp new photos to +447915133658

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