My online diary is always 100% correct for you to check availability.

It is quite rare that I have last minute availability these days but you are welcome to book last minute if a slot shows available.

What tends to happen, is clients all book late evening for the next day – so I recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance if you have a set time.

Mutual touch isn’t forbidden, however, please keep the following in mind:

  • You will get a much better overall experience if you just relax, zone out and drift into another place whist I work my magic.
  • I can go deeper and use better massage technique if I am not having to contend with your movements.
  • Mutual touch does not mean trying to make me climax.
  • I’m ticklish so you need to be firm, if you make me jump I could injure you.
  • If you want to play with a penis for an hour, you need to book a gay escort.

I do not offer escort / sex – my service is highly sensual but it is not sex – it doesn’t carry any risk of std/sti.

I don’t like this term, as my massage is naturist and sensual throughout, not just a quick tug at the end – but yes you will extremely likely climax unless you are unable to.

After 5 years in the business I have built up a massive regular client base, so unfortunately I don’t offer discounts as I have really no need to.

You can save money buying a massage package which makes my massage service extremely affordable.

I mostly work Mon to Sat 1030-2200 and off on Sundays – however my online booking diary is always 100% correct so if a slot is available on a Sunday I am sacrificing my day off 🙂

I have tested positive for covid antibodies via a private testing, so I’m considered likely to now be immune for some time.

I always (even prior to covid) adhere to the strictest hygiene standards that include changing the under towels for every client and using protective paper roll on top of these towels.

I will now allow 1 hour between bookings rather than 15 minutes and the room will be fully disinfected.

I have face-masks available should you require one be worn.

Whilst I am doing everything I can to make the environment safe, I wouldn’t consider it to be 100% risk free so you need to calculate your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for contraction of Covid-19 and it is not covered under my personal liability insurance.

You are welcome to check if I am available immediately by texting +447915133658 or using the chat function below (but you will still need to provide your contact number for my security).

Advanced bookings (2 hours or more) – all need to be booked by you via my website.

Paid parking is available outside of the apartment and there is usually a spot available – £2.90 per hour. The outside parking is free from 2030 so if you grab that slow no parking charge 🙂

I’ve been told that Chorlton St multi storey barriers have been up and no charge to park since lockdown but don’t shoot the messenger if this is no longer the case!

I can offer clients that booking one of my weekly massage packages free parking – if paying cash this will be from your second visit.

The closest train station is Manchester Piccadilly which is a short 5 min walk away (exit at the taxi rank / metrolink entrance rather than the approach).

Your massage is your time, so I welcome any requests that relate to your massage service. Whether that be your choice of pressure (firm/soft) or any areas you wish to focus on/avoid.