Females & Couples

Whilst this website is geared towards male to male massage, we do receive many enquires from ladies looking for a male to female, or men wanting a masseur to massage their female partner.

Above you will find masseurs that are available to females and couples. Please do not contact these guys if you are not looking for this service and their profile doesn’t mention that men are welcome.

Couples Massage

As we grow into a more liberal society, there is more and more demand for the service of a sensual couples massage. Couples are attracted by the possibility of experimenting, without all of the possible pitfalls of a threesome. Let’s face it, they often cause problems.

Having a couples sensual massage allows you the opportunity to explore the wide spectrum of sexuality, but in a “transaccional” way – so once it’s finished, there are no chances of lingering jealousy.

There are many ways to enjoy a couples massage, you can all massage together and explore bodies like you haven’t before. Or one partner can take a backseat, and maybe pick up a few tricks or two.

Massage for a female by a male masseur.

Are you looking for the ultimate treat for your partner? Treat your special lady to a male massage. Let her experience the touch of someone new. The masseur will have professional massage techniques to ensure that she finishes the session a happy lady indeed.

Don’t be embarrassed about thinking of this treat for your female partner. We receive many weekly requests for the service, that is exactly why Gay Massage Manchester have added this section to the site, to satisfy the large and ever growing demand.