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Gay Escort Advertising

For those that are cut out of the role, a Gay Escort can earn similar salaries to top-tier management, but without the stress, long hours and lack of freedom. 

However, escorts that just list a few profiles and expect to earn the big dollars will soon find they are bitterly disappointing – like anything worth achieving, becoming a top earning escort takes time, effort and a bit of charm.

Here are some tips for Gay Escorts that are looking to take their escort career to the next level and their bank balance to very comfortable heights

Escort Marketing

The first step to getting your phone ringing as an independent gay escort is to market yourself – aggressively. If you sign up with a gay escort agency, you can expect them to do the heavy lifting for you, but as an independent escort it is your job to get your face and profile in-front of good spending clients. 

Whilst there are many free ways of promoting yourself, such as via social media platforms and free classified ads, unfortunately the most effective ways of marketing yourself will come at a cost. But think of this as an investment, as if done correctly, you will earn good money back from any marketing money you spend

If you want to earn 60k a year upwards, which is a reasonable expectation for a good full time gay escort, you will need to spend around £400-£500 a month on effective Gay Escort advertising. 

Obviously, as you grow your business and a loyal client base, the need to advertise will reduce and so you can choose to either cut down your ad spend, or keep it in place to ensure that your demand is always at 100%.

Where should I advertise my gay escort profile?

I recommend disturbing your marketing spend across as many platforms as possible to ensure the best results. Some clients are loyal to one particular platform and use is constantly no matter where they are in the world, where are others like to google and explore to find new gay escort talents.

The best places to advertise also depend on your location, escorts might find they are extremely busy from one advert in one location but then fail to get any clients from the same site when they move to a different location.

The best thing to do is to search google as a client would but using this search tool  so that your previous search habits don’t effect the results. Set the location and then use it to search terms such as “gay escorts near me” “Gay Massage in London” “Hotel gay massage Manchester” – you want to make sure that your  or classified ad is featured on as many relevant google page 1 results as possible.

You should find that some of the results include popular place to advertise such as 

The higher up they are on google the more you want to spend with them. So for example, sleepyboy offers you a free listing, but you would be so far down the list on their site that you are unlikely to get spotted by clients, so you would pay a subscription fee to be higher up the list.

Unless you are in a very competitive city such as London / New York – a standard listing on most escort sites will be suffice. On the classified platforms such as VivaStreet – make sure you upgrade to “multi post” listing or your ad will end up gathering dust at the bottom of the pile.

What should my gay escort profile include?

When you’re investing money in your gay advertising, you want to make sure that the return on your investment is as high as realistically possible. So whilst any publicity is good publicity, you don’t want to just hand your money over and then put little thought into your advert.

Client’s are not choosing a husband, they don’t need or want to read your life story, but they do want to grasp a good idea of you, your personality and strengths as an escort/naturist masseur. 

The most effective profiles contain 2 paragraphs that introduce you and what you’re about, followed by 5 bullet points of your big USP’s (Unique Selling Points).

Don’t waste one word of your profile – you want it to be as brief and concise as possible, so every single word counts. Avoid anything generic or obvious such as “like to meet new people” “Good in bed” – think instead what makes you especially unique?  Equally don’t waste time mentioning stats or physical appearance details that are obvious from your photos or stats section of the profile.

Your gay escort profile text should leave a client intrigued to know more about you. Give them something to start a conversation about when they meet you in person, whether that be something about your past or your plans for the future.

The most important thing when it comes to photos for your escort profile is for them to be a true reflection of who you are and what you look like. Whilst having one or two professional pics will do you no harm, you are more likely to get bookings from less professional and honest looking photos.

You want good quality but not too polished photos. So stay away from Photoshop and don’t try and advertise with mirror selfies.

Sexually suggestive photos tend to work better than full on porn, so unless your meat and veg are your biggest selling point it is best to leave the full display to the imagination – if they think they have seen everything you have to offer in your profile, is there a need to meet you in person?

You want a good selection of photos so the client feels they have seen enough to make an assessment if they fancy you, but don’t feel the need to have 30 photos either, again its about leaving them wanting more.

It’s crucial that your photos are regularly updated (at least every 3 months) – if you ever find that your booking line has gone a little quiet, changing up your profile pics is usually a good way to get the phone ringing again.

If you don’t look like your pictures in person, it be mentioned in your online reviews, and your bookings will be effected. 

Should I have my own gay escort website?

If you’re making being a Gay Escort or Naturist Male Masseur your full time career, you should definitely invest in a website or create one for yourself.

Having your own website for your Gay Escort or Naturist Massage business means:

  • You appear more professional – client’s know that you take your escort or sensual massage profession seriously and are not just trying to make a quick buck.
  • Free organic Traffic – eventually with time and effort you will start to receive traffic from google searches – meaning free traffic and free advertising.
  • It’s uncensored – you can have photos the other sites wont accept. 
  • You can blog and build up a following that eventually will turn into paying clients too
  • You can build up an email list to market your services to (send out discounts when it’s quiet etc).
  • You can build up reviews that can’t be taken away. If you have all your reviews on a paid platform, as soon as you stop paying the reviews are gone too. If you get clients to leave their service review on your own website this will always be yours and you can take with you wherever you go.
  • You can integrate a booking system. If you work full time, and especially if your service is more massage than escort, having an online booking system such as SimplyBook is loved by clients.
  • You can have a members only section that clients have to pay to access – without having to pay a cut to onlyfans etc.

If you would like some assistance in creating your Gay Escort or Gay Massage website feel free to send an email to to discuss your ideas and see if we can help.

Building up your escort client base.

In mega-cities like London or Paris there may be enough transient client’s to not have the need for a loyal repeat client base, but in most places this isn’t the case and the number of clients in your area is not infinite – 

The best way to build up your client base is by simply always being reliable and giving a 100% service time after time. You can read some tips on what makes a good gay escort.

Some clients like to find one escort that they can connect to and that they trust, and then use them every-time they are in the market for a gay escort service. These clients can become your “bread and butter” and ensure that even in quiet times you have a steady income.

Other clients like variety and will “do the rounds” – but even these clients will be back to you providing you haven’t disappointed.

If you have built up an email list via your own website, you can send out marketing campaigns to keep the bookings coming in from repeats, but  to entice them back, this breaks all the discretion rules that clients expect from a good escort and you will lose the client for life.

Another very simple but  way of getting a client to be a repeat client, is by telling them at the end of your escort/massage session that you really enjoyed yourself and hope that you can both meet again sometime. This lets the client know they are welcome back and clients love to hear that you also enjoyed it.

Building up your reputation.

Never underestimate the power of online reviews, many clients simply will not book an escort that has no previous client feedback. The way to think of it is, . Seriously. That is how important they are.

Don’t pester every client you meet for a review, this comes across as a bit desperate and could lose you a repeat booking.

The easy way to build up your escort reviews is to ask for one. Your standard reply to any compliment about your service should be “really appreciate your feedback, if you could mention that on my profile where you found me, it helps keep me busy with bookings”.

Don’t waste your time with fake reviews, these are very obvious and off-putting to most clients and the majority of advertising platforms have methods to spot them, sometimes resulting in a ban.

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