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Gay Escort Service: Gay Escort in Manchester


Whether you want a quickie to bust away that stress relief, or an overnight boyfriend experience to fulfil your desires, I am happy to bring your dreams to reality.

We’ve reached the ripe old year of 2021 and there is no longer any stigma attached to using a professional gay escort – you want a haircut you go to the barbers, you want to spend time with a guy without the commitment, you come to Gay Massage Manchester and Kevin can help you fulfil your needs..‌

I’m professional, discreet and know how to please.

I’m versatile but more top – into regular passionate fun more than any kinks etc.


How to book a Gay Escort Service?

I offer Escort service only as an outcall service (not incall as I work from a commercial premises).

  • If you are based within 2 miles of the city centre you can simply book online – book “Outcall Full Service”.
  • If you want me to bottom please don’t book last minute, I think the reason why is obvious.
  • Please be as detailed with your requests when you book so if I feel I am not the best fit I will let you know (and of course refund you).
  • I’m negative on PREP and offer a condom optional service (but recommended).
  • I get tested every other month (and I am yet to ever have had an STI or STD). My most recent test was on 05 th April.

Kevins Escort Rates

1 hour £120

90 mins £180

Overnight £600

*based on being 2 miles or less from M1 2FH – please contact for other prices

International Travel £250 per day plus all expenses.

Book Kevin as your Escort

Prices from £120

Getting the most out of your Gay Escort Appointment.

If it’s your first time using a gay escort, the first thing to be said is take a deep breath and relax, there is absolutely nothing to be scared or nervous about. Our gay escorts are highly professional and we strive to weed out anything but the best, so by finding your gay escort with Gay Massage Manchester, you know that you’re going to be getting High‌-Calibre .

Here are our 5 top tips for getting the most out of your Gay Escort Appointment.


  1. Read the tips above on being an easy to deal with.‌Being a “no pestering” client will get you in the escorts’ good books before, you’ve even begun. Be direct, straight forward and easy and you are on to a winner.
  2. Have a good think about what you want to gain from the session before you arrive. Whilst commonly people use our Gay‌‌ Escorts for bedroom antics, don’t feel that you have to use up all of your time together on one activity. We can’t all last an hour can we boys?

    If you’re a guy that likes to get to know somebody a little before getting down to business, feel free to allow half hour of your time having a coffee and a natter first.

  3. Take a shower! You want to ensure your body is super clean and ready to be pleased.

    If you haven’t showered within 30 minutes prior to your appointment, ask your Escort if you can take a shower on arrival. Most gay escort guys will be happy to join you for a shower down.

    Knowing that you’re fresh out the shower is likely to ensure you get the absolute best service from your guy. If you are wanting to bottom, you really need to ensure that you have douched before too.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Whilst your Gay Escort is a professional and will use initiative to deliver the goods, you are within your rights to make requests of things that you enjoy. The escort is within his rights to say no, as you’re paying for his time only and not a sex slave, but they do want you to have a good time and so any requests will not cause offence, even if the answer is no.
  5. Put your own pleasure first. If you’re the paying customer, it’s one of the rare occasions that you’re very welcome to be a selfish git in bed. This can still be orchestrated with some level of politeness, but if you want to be lazy, go for it.

    We know many of you gain the most pleasure out of pleasing somebody else, and if this is the case, feel free to do the work!