Gay Happy End Massage Manchester

For those that are looking for a more “traditional” gay massage with a happy end, rather than a naturist sensual massage.

This will mean you receive a relaxing Swedish massage with no focus on the sensual side until the end, giving you the traditional happy end massage experience.

Who is this service for?

There are many reasons why you may want to opt for a gay happy end massage rather than a naturist sensual service.

  • You may have the main focus on your service as massage, just like to finish it off by climaxing.
  • Clients that suffer from premature ejaculation might find the sensual massage too much.
  • You may have a fantasy about a massage that leads to more unexpectedly…
  • You may prefer to be draped (covered with a towel) throughout your massage or leave your boxers on until the “happy end”
  • You may not enjoy zones such as the anus and balls being caressed and prefer for it just to be the penis.

Happy end massage

Please note when booking the “Traditional” happy end massage, it is much less sensual throughout than the naturist massage service.

With this service, you will be draped with a towel until it is time for the happy ending.

There is no mutual touch and your masseur will be dressed for the service, but this can add to the overall arousal for some clients.

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Gay Massage Manchester is the number 1 place to book your gay happy end massage in Manchester. You can either choose to book your service with Kevin or look at some of the alternative Manchester based masseurs that are available

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