Hotel Visits

Gay Massage Manchester - Hotel Visits

Are you visiting Manchester and want to experience my massage service? Why not book me to visit you in your hotel for a relaxing massage, carried out from the comfort of your hotel bed?

Whilst you are obviously more than welcome to come and visit me at my Manchester City Centre massage studio, having the service carried out on your hotel bed means that once the service is finished, you can maintain the chilled zone that I have taken you to, without having to face the busy city centre streets in your newly found relaxed place.

You can book me for a massage on your hotel bed in any of the following locations. 

My hotel outcall rate is £130 for 60 minutes and £180  for 90 minutes,. The rate is fully inclusive and includes a massage tailored to your requirements, or you can leave it to me to construct the massage using my highly tuned intuition. 

Do not be concerned about receiving a guest to your hotel room, I have visited most of Manchester City Centre hotels for a massage outcall and I am yet to have any issues.

Many hotel visit clients like to enjoy a mutual shower before the service, it enables us to feel each others bodies and get to know each other a little, before moving to the hotel bed for a very relaxing and sensual massage.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to make that booking, I promise that you wont regret it!

A £15 deposit is required WITHOUT exceptions do not waste your time enquiring if you are not happy to pay a deposit.

Tips for enjoying a gay massage in your hotel room

  • Unless you have a large suite, it is very unlikely that your hotel room will accommodate a massage table, therefore you will be receiving your massage on the hotel bed. We recommend asking housekeeping for a spare large towel, and placing this on the bed over your duvet. This will avoid any massage oil spillage onto your hotel bed.
  • Place anything of value in the hotel safe – whilst your massage guy isn’t going to be stealing from you, just knowing mentally that your belongings of high value are away in the safe, will give you the security to completely drift off and fully enjoy your massage.
  • Work out the best place to meet your massage therapist. Most hotels these days will require a key-card to use the lift to the guest room floors, but perhaps not to other floors such as those with conference/spa facilities, so you may wish to arrange to meet your massage guy on a floor outside the lift on one of these accessible floors. Some hotels do allow access straight to the guest rooms without a key-card, so if that’s the case, feel free to ask your massage guy to come straight to your hotel room.
  • Try to set the mood before your masseur arrives by ensuring the room is lit to your preferences. Most guys prefer a dimly lit hotel room for their massage, so work out the best way to achieve this before your therapist arrives to ensure you get more time actually receiving your massage.‌ You may also wish to see if your room has facilities to play some gentle massage music via Bluetooth.
  • Remember to pop the DO‌‌ NOT‌ DISTURB sign on the hotel room door – you don’t want the cleaner coming in and disturbing the peace half way though the massage!

Gay‌ Massage Hotel Visit Services

Most of our Naturist Male Massage Therapist are very open minded when it comes to providing a massage in your hotel room.

Feel free to make some special requests that will ensure that you fully enjoy the service. If you have a nice large shower in your hotel room, why not request that the massage therapist gives you a rub down in the shower before you move to the bed? This leaves you both clean, relaxed and newly familiar ready for an exceptional sensual massage experience.

If you’re interested in purely massage without anything sensual, please keep in mind that working on a hotel bed, rather than a specifically designed massage table, will mean that some techniques are more difficult to perform. With this in mind, for a 100% massage based hotel visit, we recommend a maximum booking of 60 minutes. If you are looking for massage other relaxing services, then 90 mins to 2 hours would be ideal.


Gay Massage Hotel Visit in‌ Manchester

Manchester’s thriving gay massage scene is forever growing with new hot masseurs to service your desires in your hotel room. Hotels that are particularly good for receiving a gay massage in your room are the Double Tree By Hilton Manchester and Radisson ‌Blu Edwardian Hotel‌ Manchester. Both of these hotels are gay massage / gay escort friendly and have been visited many times buy Manchester Gay Massage guys,