Gay Massage London

Male to Male Massage in London


Looking for a gay or male to male massage in London? We only have limited guys available at present but they have been hand selected for their excellence, so they are a perfect choice for your man on man massage in London. 

Our London guys home based male to male massage therapist have all been approved for this site based on their massage skills and their naturist and sensual massage options. You can be sure that selecting one of our London guys will be a pleasurable massage experience.

 Click on the profile links above and choose the guy that suits your needs. Their massage profile page gives you a rough idea of their postcode and location, and you will be sent the full address details once you book and confirm your mobile number.


Gay Massage London


Whilst we are a Manchester based site, we do get lots of traffic from all over the UK – so we have decided to feature select male to male masseurs from London and other major UK cities. 

Our clientele  are Gay, Bi, Straight, or don’t even know or want a label. We  do not discriminate our massage service is available to all.


Book a London male massage


Once you have had a browse through our London based male masseurs, the way to book will be listed on their profile. 

Many use our online booking system, that gives you a live booking and instant confirmation. Stress Free male to male Massage booking guaranteed.

Others ask you to send them a SMS to show your interest, and they will text you back as soon as possible to get you booked in or answer any questions.


Naturist Massage London


We hope that one of our London guys is to your liking and you get booked in and have a fantastic massage. We welcome your feedback and only ever keep on the best of the best, to ensure that everybody enjoys. 

We have only just opened up to advertise in London too, so although there are not many guys here just yet, be sure to check back regularly to see who is new on the London Male to Male massage scene!


Do you have a favourite London male to male masseur?


If you know of any male to male massage therapists in London that offer an excellent service, we would appreciate it if you could let them know about Gay Massage Manchester on your next visit.

Your London based masseur will be thankful that you have found somewhere where they can advertise their service to quality clients – and we are considerably cheaper than any other gay massage advertising platform.

Where to book a Gay Massage in London

We fully appreciate we don’t have many London based male to male masseurs available just yet, so here you will find some other websites to check in the meantime.