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Male to Male Massage


Whilst any well-performed massage is a highly beneficial treat, a male to male massage is especially satisfying for client’s that prefer a firm masculine touch to ease away daily stresses.


A male to male massage, is simply a massage performed by a male masseur, to a client that is also male. There is a wide range of different styles of massage that all come under the umbrella of male to male massage. A swedish massage, sports massage or a naturist sensual massage, if performed by a man to another man, would be considered a male to male massage.


Therefore, it is important to have a think about what you want to achieve from your massage session before booking one. You may simply want a professional massage but prefer a male therapist, but not want anything sensual. If you do want a male to male massage to explore and open your mind to your sexuality, Naturist Male Massage can help you find the perfect male to male masseur.


There are some massage therapists that exclusively work on a male to male massage basis, whereas other masseurs are flexible and will see both men and women.


Benefits of a male to male massage

Any massage performed by a seasoned male massage professional will come with many real benefits. Some of the benefits that our clients report specifically from a male to male massage include


  1. Exploring sexuality. If you have never had a man’s hands all over your body before then a male to male massage is the perfect opportunity to explore this side of your sexuality. If all of your previous massages have been with women, you will notice as soon as the male masseur rubs oil on your body to start the massage, the connection and feel of a man’s hands on your body is very different.

  2. Mutual understanding. If both you and your massage therapist are the same sex, then you know how each others bodies work. There is a mutual understanding between the two of you of the different parts of the male anatomy and how the male body works. There is no embarrassment if suddenly a certain part of the body demonstrates how relaxed and pleasured it is. You both know, it just happens.

  3. Male to male connection. Men enjoy the company of other men, and so there is no reason why a male to male massage can’t be an opportunity for further bonding from one man to another. During your male to male massage you can decide whether you want to just relax and chill out, or have some male bonding and conversation.

  4.  Body understanding. If you want a male to male sports massage because you have been exercising in the gym heavily or playing male sports, another man performing the massage will have a better understanding of the problems you are experiencing with your muscle stiffness and can in turn make the massage treatment tailored for another male.

  5. More passionate. There are far fewer male massage therapists compared to women, and the men that get into the massage profession tend to do so because they are passionate about the world of massage, they haven’t just studied it as a minor subject on a beauty course as per many female massage therapists. Male to Male massage therapists tend to be Self Employed and therefore your business is extremely important to them. They want to provide a male massage experience that you want to repeat time and time again.

Who enjoys a male to male massage?


You would be mistaken if you think that it is only gay men that prefer to visit a male massage therapist.


Men from all walks of life decide that they would prefer a male masseur rather than a female masseuse. 


The reason for choosing a male to male massage does not need to be for sexual reasons, many men just prefer the overall experience of having a male therapist.


In the world of sports, most massage therapists that work on sportsmen such as footballers, baskeballers etc tend to be male, so sports personalities are very used to experiencing a male to male massage. It just makes sense in the masculine and often naked environment of the changing room for the therapists working on the male sports stars to also be male.

What is the average cost of a male to male massage?


The cost of your male to male massage will depend on many factors, but the 3 things that will determine the cost of your male massage the most will be.

  1. The location. The location of your male to male massage will be the biggest reason for difference in cost. A male to male massage in Bangkok can cost as little as £12 for a good quality service. A male to male massage in Manchester will likely cost you around £40 per hour for a professional massage and £70 for something a little more sensual. A male to male massage in London would likely be a little more expensive than Manchester.

  2. The level of qualification of the masseur. A male to male massage from a non qualified massage therapist would likely be a lot cheaper but of course it isn’t going to be as good as a male to male massage from a highly qualified massage professional. A degree level qualified physiotherapist will also offer male to male massage but expect to pay around 50% more than a level 3 qualified sports massage therapist, and they can often do the same job.

  3. The standard of the treatment room. If you are having your male to male massage in a high quality luxury spa in London, it will come with a price tag much higher than a male therapist working from a mas
  4. sage room set up in their own home. The quality of the massage in these two different styles of treatment could be exactly the same, so you are paying for the higher overheads of the massage room or spa.


How to choose your male to male massage?


First decide on the type of massage you would like.

-male to male Swedish Massage

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-male to male Sports Massage

-male to male Sensual Massage

-male to male Hotel Visit Massage


Then simply search for a male to male massage therapist according to your location.

-male to male massage Manchester

-male to male massage London

-male to male massage Birmingham

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