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Looking for a professional but “gay friendly” massage in Manchester? The guys on this page are Manchester’s best Gay Friendly masseurs. Please note that guys who advertise in this section may not offer “extras” and will be offended if you ask. Please carefully read their profile pages before making any requests.

Massage Styles

Have you ever wondered what different types of massage are out there? Are you looking for a way to help your muscles relax and ease the tension that builds up in your body? If so, then read on!

We will be discussing five different styles of massages. Each style has been broken down into its own section with an overview of how it works and any other important information that may come in handy. By the end of reading this page, you should have a much better idea about which type of massage would work best for your needs. Don’t forget to see if any of our Manchester based masseurs offer the right massage for you!

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, the forerunner of all other types of massage therapy, was invented by a Swedish fencing instructor in the 1830s. When he became injured in the elbow area, he used tapping (percussion) strokes around the injured area to cure himself. He later developed what is now known as Swedish massage to address his own needs.

Swedish massage is most often used for relaxation and pain relief. Many therapists use this type to help their clients relax before a more vigorous form of treatment, such as deep tissue or sports massages. Swedish massage uses long strokes with the palms that are alternated with lighter circular motions on one area at a time; it can be done in either direction but should always move toward the heart.

Swedish massage is popular for those who suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, and other types of headaches. It is also used to help those who need relief from muscle tension and spasms.

Sports Massage 

Sports massage differs from other types because it focuses not only on injury rehabilitation but also on preventing future ones. It aims to improve performance through better flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination while reducing fatigue which makes working out easier. The therapist will focus mainly on tight areas, knots in muscles, and unstable joints.

This massage is most often used on athletes to help them recover after a workout or game by easing their muscles; it can also be helpful for those who are constantly active in their everyday life. Sports Massages are designed to increase blood flow and circulation while decreasing inflammation that may occur during exercise. A sports massage will typically use firm strokes with intense pressure – they’re usually deep tissue-based but focus primarily on the muscles that tend to tense up the quickest such as hamstrings or calves. The therapist may even incorporate stretching into the session if needed too!


Indian Head Massage

The Indian Head Massage is a technique based on the Ayurvedic healing system, which has been practiced for more than 1,000 years in India. It’s primarily used to relieve tension and stress in the head, neck, shoulders, and scalp.

The therapist’s hands are placed on either side of your face with thumbs resting on the temples while fingers rest at the base of your skull. They will use their thumb tips to apply gentle pressure along these points through compression, stroking, and kneading movements as they slowly move from one area to another. Sometimes it might feel like an intense squeezing sensation or light tapping – this is intentional as these slight techniques can help improve circulation within those regions.


Reflexology is based on an ancient form of foot and hand therapy. Ancient evidence of foot and hand therapy can be found in China, with records as early as 2330 BC. Reflexology is a technique that doesn’t require much pressure or deep physical manipulation. Instead, the therapist will use their thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers to apply firm pressure in specific areas of your feet (or sometimes hands) while the remaining two fingers rest next to them – they’ll typically start with one foot at a time.

This type of massage is often used for people who suffer from high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes-related complications, migraines, headaches, or stress headaches. It can also be helpful when you’re pregnant if you’ve had too little movement during your pregnancy.

Thai Massage

The Thai massage is a type of therapeutic bodywork that involves the use of hands, forearms, elbows, and feet to stretch you out (or manipulate your spine). It’s most often done on a mat on the floor – or over a padded table.

Thai massage originated in Thailand by Buddhist monks who would perform it before meditation practice as an ascetic ritual with origins dating back more than two thousand years ago. However, it has since become popular all over Asia because its benefits extend beyond relieving muscle stiffness or soreness: Thai massages have also been shown effective for headaches (especially migraines) and high blood pressure.

The goal is to help release muscle tension and create suppleness while connecting energy channels within the body. You will start off lying face down while your therapist gets started using long strokes from head to tailbone with their thumbs pressing into acupressure points along these pathways. This releases any tightness and helps to release tension in the neck, shoulders, and back.


The therapist will then use their palms to apply pressure to various points on your body, including those related to internal organs like your stomach or intestines, which can help with digestion issues as well as more emotional health-related complaints like depression.

Choosing The Right Professional Gay Massage for You

The best massage for you depends on your goals with the massage and your needs. If you want to get rid of muscle soreness, a Swedish or sports massage might be right for you. If you need stress relief, an Indian Head Massage may work better. Reflexology is excellent if you’re looking to heal from tension in different parts of the body without focusing on one area too much. Whichever type of massage works best for your specific situation, make sure that it appeals to both your physical and mental needs before making a decision!