Super Sensual Massage

Super Sensual Massage

This is an upgrade to the Naturist Oil Massage, that caters to clients that like to get a little more “involved” rather than just lie back, zone out and be pleasured.

Whilst very similar in terms of the massage itself, the boundaries are much more relaxed and mutual touch encouraged and included throughout.

Whilst still a massage and not an escort service, your masseur will be much more willing to allow things to happen that cater to your desires – simply ask for them or request in the notes when you book.

Popular requests include

  • Edging (the standard Naturist Oil Massage doesn’t allow you to stop and start to delay the pleasure).
  • Body to Body massage
  • Mutual Pleasure

Whilst your masseur always retains the right to say no, with this service your requests are welcome and encouraged. Think of it as “tipping” in advance for an extra special service.

A choice of oils is already included in the price (subject to availability).

Please note this is not “code” for escort service, it does not include sex it is just a much more sensual experience and more flexible with requests, mutual touch etc….

Super Sensual Massage

Prices from £80